What We Do

Our Strategy

  1. Research and Study

2. Conservation Initiatives

3. Community Engagement

4. Policy Advocacy

5. Corporate Partnerships

6. Technology Integration

7. Capacity Building

8. Education and Outreach

9. Monitoring and Evaluation

10. Collaboration and Networking

1.Research and Study

2.Conservation Initiatives

3.Community Engagement

4.Policy Advocacy

5.Corporate Partnerships

6.Technology Integration

7.Capacity Building

8.Education and Outreach

9.Monitoring and Evaluation

10.Collaboration and Networking

Our conviction

  • Empowering Communities
  • We firmly believe that every individual, irrespective of their economic and social standing, has the capability to initiate change for the comprehensive development of the environment.

Our aspiration

  • A thriving, biodiverse planet
  • A harmonious relationship between humanity and nature
  • A world where conservation is self-sustaining
  • A future where technology serves nature

Some of Our Projects

Navdrishti is dedicated to initiatives concerning the environment, forests, wildlife, biodiversity, marginalized communities, women, elementary education, and urban issues, and is actively working towards the comprehensive development of society.

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