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A group of youngster, who were intent to do meaningful for environment and society, created Navdrishti in 2003.

We strongly believe “Environment” is the base of existence of any living and non-living body. This has kept us as a child in his mother’s lap providing all our basic needs and requirements. We cannot achieve state of development in society in true sense, if it is not in a sustainable manner....

-M.K. Singh (Co-Founder)

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Our Objectives

Women empowerment

The programme identifies adolescent girls and women from the community and develops them into Change Agents, who in turn actively contribute to the community mobilization process...

Working for Destitute

Since years and also with the implementation of various social reforms the condition of destitute has not changed and without changing the social and economic conditions of them a sustainable...

Tribal upliftment

India a country of various traditions and cultures has a number of tribes residing in the interior areas. Especially, Jharkhand a home of number of tribes are an important part of the society...

Working for environment

Navdrishti has shown a commendable effort in environment and water conservation field. We have done various projects for forest department and watershed planning commission...

Livelihood promotion

Economic freedom is the only weapon to fight various problems such as poverty, unemployment, social exploitation etc. Thus, to provide economic freedom to the people we have conducted various programmes ...

Rural entrepreneurship development

As we all know that government policies are not sufficient to generate required amount of employment opportunities. Thus, self employment is only way...

We are served since 16 years to helpless people with trust and we are happy.

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